How php is better than other languages

PHP, in the current market trends, this technology has spread its roots very deeply.

Now a days from CMS to Enterprise, everything, everybody is used to use PHP. The Opensource scripting language used to write from simple to complex, from small to big, from application to program, it has everything that can make it happen that it can be used in any kind of web solution.

Ready CMS and ECommerce solutions made in PHP like – WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Opencart, Prestashop and many more to account, these opensource has made easy to make CMS and Ecommerce websites very quick and easy. All have only one power behind them and it is PHP. Such vast use of opensource has made 20+ millions websites in PHP.

PHP frameworks, although PHP was previously used to make web pages dynamically, but now it is widely used in Frameworks, there are bunch of robust frameworks available in market like Zend, symfony, laravel etc. Moreover PHP can be used in making feature reach front UI, It can be learned easily by designers, so it is useful in giving easy interactivity to users. Due to its opensource nature it can be plotted in to all platforms such as windows, Solaris, Apache, and Linux.

PHP supports almost all the databases from MySQL to Oracle and PGSQL to SQLlite. It is easy to manage multiple and different databases in single application using PHP.

Above all X-factors make PHP standout in highly competitive market in front of other languages.

That is what I feel about PHP, what you says, put your thoughts.

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